MaiA is a platform for providing sufficient, reliable and highly useable APIs that hide complexity of building, maintaining and running supplemental services in creating great products.

Meaningful Text Classifier

ML classifier that recognizes if given text is meaningful or not.

NSFW Image Classifier

ML Image Classifier API retrieves an image and recognizes if it contains adult content.

NSFW URL Classifier

ML based classifier retrieves a url and returns if the URL contains NSFW content.

Web Scrapper

REST API that scrapes given URL and returns the content in a JSON.

Point Address

Gecoding API for Point Address (

Quick + Easy

Integrating and using MaiA APIs is really easy.

Our documentation is simple, and our pricing is even simpler.


MaiA APIs are free for a big part, and the rest are cheapest in the market.

We build Maia APIs to supplement our products as they didn't exist in the market, or existing solutions were way too expensive.


MaiA platform is growing and our features are sufficient for most use cases.