MaiA: Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Please note Maia Platform is in Beta stage. We are still working on making the platform a truly world class infrastructure.

Data we store

We store following data from our users

1. Identity details

In order to limit usage, we need to implement Sign in for users to get API Keys. To identify users, we store identity details, including Auth token, email address or ID provide by 3rd party providers, phone number, or any other information used by the user to Sign up with Maia.

The password during sign up is encrypted, and not accessible by anyone else.

2. Credits Remaining per month

Each account gets a big free quota of usage. In addition to it, users can purchase additional credits at very low prices. We keep track of number of credits remaining, and credits consumed by a particular account when using our API keys.

What we don't store

We DO NOT store any of the following:

1. Credit card, or any banking information.

We simply do not store any banking related information from the users. All our payments are processed with Stripe, and Stripe may choose to store, or not store your banking data.

After transactions, we only get notified with the transaction amount, and transaction ID for future reference.

2. Any PII other than what is used for Signin into the platform:

We DO NOT access or store any SPII or PII from the user except what is needed to log our users in to our platform.

3. Key or Service Usage

We DO NOT access, or store any details around where the API key is used, on which platform and for which purposes. Nor do we store any data / image that is sent for processing. For example any image sent for NSFW check is loaded in the temporary workspace of the Cloud instance and after use, the temporary workspace is automatically deleted. We do not access, or do anything with this data.

We only track the credits remaining to secure our resources, and remove any bad actors.